by LimitSlayer

March 7, 2018

The Right Way, for LIFE

with Brian Carroll

Multiple World Record Holding Powerlifter
Author of 10/20/Life & Co-Author of "Gift of Injury"
shows you how he squatted over 1000lbs, more than 50 times,
AFTER breaking his back... TWICE...

Check out our 3-part series on the Gift of Injury:

LSP 151 Podcast Outline

Outline for "Gift of Injury" Podcasts


Gift of Injury

Own Gift of Injury?

If you do, then claim the special bonuses we made just for you!

No back pain and looking to get stronger than ever?
Learn more about Brian's first book 10/20/Life here:

Brian Carroll Stay Mighty

Brian Encouraging Chris to "Stay Mighty" During His Battle with Leukemia

Nick with Gift of Injury

Nick Receives "Gift of Injury" in South Korea!

Brian Carroll and Nick Ritchey Podcasting

Podcasting Zen

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