Discover the 7 plateaus all dieters must break to get lean for life & how to make it happen with a simple, step-by-step blueprint for success which has helped Nick (and his clients) lose from 5 -150 LBS & keep it off -- for life!

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A guide that actually works!

"Nick takes an awfully complicated subject - weight loss, with the endless fad diets, exercise programs & "quick fixes" and actually sets about doing one simple thing: Changing your habits to help you live a healthier life. These are all things people should know and by positioning this as a skill you can develop rather than a short term solution, these are habits that will really change your life."

A clear, honest, supportive, and evidence-based must read.

"This book is such a breath of fresh air. It isn't trying to sell a gimmick or repackage the latest trends. It reads like advice from an expert who you'd really like to have a beer with.

From the first time I picked it up it was clear that the author had gone to great pains to write a book the primary focus and fuction of which was to help people. To really help them.

He doesn't hold back to coddle feelings, but somehow manages to come off as very relatable. From the moment he discussed his personal motivations in the preface I was hooked. This is real. This is honest. Most importantly, this is accurate.

My favorite part has to be how low he makes the barrier to entry. It's all of the promise of 'A 5-minute ab workout that will change your life!' but it has the key benefit of true. Sustainable lifestyle changes are hard for the best of us to make, so the ideas he borrows from cognitive & behavioral psychology are invaluable. Some of the tips he gives that apply those ideas are so simple and crisply clear that I found myself putting them into practice without even meaning to.

I'm very thankful to have come across this book, and I have no doubt that many others will be too."

Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses and Design a Blueprint for Success!

"I have been struggling with weight loss for almost as long as I can remember, but after reading through this book I have taken away so many new tools to attack the ever dreaded plateau of weight loss head on!

A quick and fun read, Nick uses many mnemonics to break down broad concepts into step by step methodical processes that make sense! Don't let all the mathy graphs and formulas intimidate you, this truly is super thoughtful, well organized information that I believe everyone at any fitness level can find value in."

Not another food plan! You need to read this!

"The great thing about this book is it's not another food plan. I've tried them all. WW, Keto, Paleo, you name it, I've tried it. But how do you do the plan of your choosing and still have a life? How do you still enjoy some of the foods you'd like to indulge in every once in a while and yet keep those jeans from getting too snug? That's exactly what this book is about. Remember and apply these simple rules and your on your way."

Whether u think you can, or u can't, you're right.

"Absolutely loved this no-nonsense book. I especially liked how grounded in reality it is. There's so much b.s. out there that this book really feels like an oasis, a desperately needed reprieve of clarity and sense in an industry chalk full of bunk. Listening to it feels like getting excellent advice from a good friend. I listened to it while driving to work, and found that each day I was feeling excited to try out something from the book.

Working and taking care of a 1 year-old doesnt leave much time or energy for focusing on health and fitness, so the simple strategies covered in the book have been invaluable.

There are heaps of short forms like ' up' in the book, which were a bit daunting at first, but I've already caught myself using them a bunch without really meaning to, which I think is the point. It's read by the author too, which is always better. Highly recommended!"

Easy read packed with tangible steps for lifelong success

"Great tangible steps to make changes to toward a healthy lifestyle, and break the yo-yo dieting cycle. Love the real life examples, and how easily digestible (pardon the pun) a read it is! This book doesn’t just address one aspect of weight loss (i.e. diet), but helps create an all encompassing plan that can be integrated and automated into your life; so glad I picked up this book!"


"That one sentence alone is worth gold - "Fat loss is a SKILL." Let Nick show you the way to the body you want and more importantly the body you deserve!"

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